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Bill And Jim's Odd Excursion (Squirrel + Bull TF)
I couldn't believe I agreed to this! Of all the stupid field trips I could've signed up for, I agreed to this? I guess I have no one to blame but myself, after all I thought a stampede would be cool! You know, except for the fact that my arch-nemesis came along too. A bully aptly named Bill, I couldn't stand this kid. I also couldn't believe how lame this school field-trip was looking. We went to a rough deserted patch of the old west, in order to wait for a stampede that only happens fifty years. The stampede itself, is said to be very magical and mysterious. There was nothing around but desert, desert and more desert! So far, the only mysterious thing about this field trip, is why I even bothered coming in the first place!
After a few days in a musty old Texan town, the stampede was about to begin. "Hope you're ready, loser! Cuz, once the stampede is done, I'm going to mark the occasion by marking your face with my fist!" Exclaimed Bill, who had already bought candy for this occasion
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 4 9
NAZKRYPT by Darksilvania NAZKRYPT :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 1,611 257
The Yeti's Burg Address (Yeti TF)
It was a few days after Halloween when  I arrived home from my vacation. I had flown out to Arizona for a vacation. However, I didn't take a plane, I flew there using my own wings! I had a tendency to transform into an anthropomorphic eagle on most given days; some may call it a curse, but I look at it more of a gift. You see, I wasn't just any ordinary dude who transforms into stuff, I was the one known as Phillip Adler! I've undergone many bizarre transformations, be it due to curses, spells, or just good old fashioned pranks.
However, my most bizarre transformation occurred on that fateful day after I got back from Arizona. I decided to get the mail, so I slipped on my green and white colored Philadelphia Eagles house-coat. I had gotten this house-coat through a special mail order, and it's one of my most prized possessions! The house-coat itself was colored green, with gold coloring along the inlays of the coat. The sleeves were colored white, just like the feathers of an eagl
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 13 9
Trust machines:Turn on your love light
Phoebe sat in her chair, trying not to stare at her husband. After all, it was really her problem, wasn’t it? Not his.
She knew Dave was a good man, a wonderful father. His children loved him. Everyone loved him. She loved him. They’d had 15 years of happiness.
There was only one thing wrong.
He was a table lamp.
Not all the time, of course. Just Tuesdays, from five until eight. A friend from work dropped him off home; at half seven she would walk down to the Venn machine by the mall to throw him back in to change back.
They’d agreed together. Fridays would be her night with the girls; Tuesday would be his night to be a table lamp. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t Venned herself. A couple of months ago she and her sister had gone off for a weekend at a country farm. They’d been turned into ponies and had a marvellous weekend trotting around the place. It had been a fantasy of hers since she was a little girl.
But wasn’t that it? She’d wanted
:iconprender:prender 12 14
Oh What Web We Weave (Mulitple TF story)
"Hello, I am Rin Hamasaki, please to meet you."  Tomboyish girl with short brown hair introduced herself to the class.  She had recently moved back to the area and started to attend Highcrest Secondary School.  Students begun gossiping to themselves as the teacher motioned the new student to take a seat.  Coming into a second year class that is already two months in gave an awkward atmosphere for Rin, she was happy that there was nobody that knew her from before.  That hope dashed when class broke for the day and a blond girl approached her.
"If it isn't the narc.  Wonder how your classmates would think about the girl who parents are cops."  Said the teen as she gave a cruel smile.
"How did know?"  Rin asked in disbelief.
"My mother is on council, heard some new girl coming to town who parents were joining police force.  It does not take much to piece one and one together.  No one going to within ten feet of you if they k
:icondaisu1:daisu1 2 6
Dream's Offer (Shinx Tf)
Today had been a good day, Miguel reflected. It was the holidays; his parents had been out for most of the day, thus not bothering him, allowing Miguel to do whatever he wanted. This, for the most part, was listening to every song on his ipod, playing some video games (ORAS was in right now!), daydream without being told to pay attention, commenting, writing and RP with various people and...
He glanced towards his bedroom window, duvet nestled gently beneath his chin, his head resting softly against his pillow. Yeah, there was one of them, curling themselves up for the night. Another he could see looked to be gazing at the moonlight. At any stage, the majority of people will have imaginary friends. Yet Miguel’s were so much more than that! They were his company, his spirits, his own friendly ‘shadows’ as he called them. First appearing as balls of light years ago, they now took the form of various Pokémon, as if sharing his own personal interest. Right now, he co
:iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 24 21
A Better Swimmer
A Better Swimmer
“A minute-twenty seconds flat,” Sue said, clicking a stopwatch as a head shot out of the water, taking in a deep breath, “That’s two seconds slower than last time.”
“Ugh, dammit,” Allison slammed her hand on the surface of the water in frustration, “No matter what I do, I’m still as slow as ever.”
“Maybe you’re just tired,” Sue replied, “You’ve been doing sprints for almost a half-hour straight.  Not to mention all the work we did before that.  And besides, even after all that work, you’re still swimming pretty decent times for 100s…”
“Excuses, excuses,” Allison replied, still breathing heavily, her exhaustion beginning to show, “I need to be able to push myself if I’m going to get any better.”
“Yeah, I know that,” Sue said, “But your body has a limit, and it can’t go past that no matter how much yo
:icondragonseeker26:dragonseeker26 115 30
The Other Side of the Holiday Season
(An Aldous the Angry Wizard Story)
Tree TF, Toy Soldier TF
By grapehyacinth 
Aldous hated the holiday season. To this day, his daughter called him 'Scrooge', although she did understand his sentiments. It wasn't as if he did not like to celebrate, but in this day and age, things had grown so commercial, so out of proportion, it was incredible. When he was a young wizard's apprentice so many years ago, things had been so much simpler. There wasn't so much the holiday parties and the crazy-gift-giving like today. Even now, his wife was out, rushing through the crowds to get last-minute gifts for everyone from the garbage man to the neighbors five blocks away.
And, for the eightieth time or so, they had had their annual holiday fight, in which she begged him to join her in her gift-search. And every year he had declined. This year the fight had been es
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 19 13
Head-Cases: Two Flies Are Too Fly (Fly Headswap)
I heard the birds chirp outside a nearby window as I sat patiently in the waiting room of my local hypno-therapist. This wasn't any ordinary hypno-therapist though, but head-swap extraordinaire Dr. Head-Ape! This hypnotizing orangutan is one of the only characters that I trust! He's kind and polite, and will only transform or head-swap someone if they specifically ask for it. In a way, I kind of wish I was him! A talking orangutan with magical hypnotic head-swapping powers, what's not to like? Well, maybe the orangutan part isn't the best, but everything else sounded awesome!
As I sat waiting patiently, I heard my name called by the receptionist. I looked over at the receptionist to find that she had a gorilla's head in place of a human head! The woman looked normal otherwise. She wore a blue-colored business suit and had rather sizeable breasts. The gorilla-woman hybrid grunted and handed me a paper and pen, and motioned for me to sign it. The paper has less to do with my medical
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 6 30
Research Trial (A Fox Serum Story)
By grapehyacinth
Note: This story takes place about a year after the invention of the Fox Serum by Dr. Adam Fox. (This is several years before the story “Zoo Tour”.) Although the new lead scientist on the case, Dr. Craig Welton, has been successful in altering the serum to transform people into other animals as well, there is no way to shorten the duration of the three-year change.

Until now...
Hannah Michaelson stood waiting by the door to Dr. Craig Welton's office. Now that Adam Fox was living his life as a fox, Craig was the head scientist on the trials of new and improved serums. Hannah had taken over from his original lab assistant, Amy, who had gone off with Dr. Fox to be his mate. Adam and Amy occasionally came by for a visit, and their glorious bodies and apparent happiness made Hannah secretly jealous. She knew she herself had the means to attain that sa
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 49 14
Fruity Fun (Crown Royale)
(Woman to Strawberry)
(Man to Apple)
(Woman to Worm)
Mark Royale sighed, drumming his fingers on his thigh as he heard yet another client request to become food. Honestly, part of the appeal of being transformed was in the sensation of life! Wasn’t it?
He’d never changed into anything like that himself, and so he couldn’t quite get a full grasp on people’s thrills for it. That said, Crown Royale was a transformation business first and foremost. And, in all honesty, Mark was willing to accommodate anyone’s fantasies.
Like right now, for instance. There was a strawberry blonde by the name of Anne in his office who—ironically enough—wanted to become a strawberry to top a cheesecake she’d baked for her fiancé. She was positively giddy, smiling with excitement.
“So, I’m going to be changing you safely and temporarily into a strawberry.” Mark outlined their plan thus far, jotting a few notes down on his pad. “And th
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 22 10
Misty's New Pokemon
Misty’s New Pokemon
Commission for Zohaku
This story contains TF(transformation) themes and anime continuity. If you aren’t interested in that, don’t read!
It was a hot summer’s day in Cerulean City when Ash Ketchum had come back to the coastal town. It felt strange coming here, not for a badge or challenge of any kind, but instead to meet someone.
He looked to the beach house, alone on its own small stretch of land. He could only imagine this was the right place so he headed up to the door. It was a pretty fancy place, not that Ash had any sort of basis to compare beach houses for, but at the very least it looked bigger and more luxurious than his home in Pallet Town.
He stood at the door, looking around before spotting the button. The doorbell chimed, and soon enough the door opened to reveal a familiar orange haired girl.
Ash had just arrived back in Pallet Town after returning from his latest journey when he had gotten a call
:iconzohaku:Zohaku 17 1
Sandslash tf
The Pokemon world was virtually perfect, now that there were no conflicts or abominations of nature littering the streets and preventing us from enjoying our lives. People and Pokemon were able to live in peace again. Team Rocket were in hiding, and the other groups had been dismantled and were officially out of the picture.
Tyson was a Pokemon Trainer who respected this freedom. He had brown, spiky hair that went all over the place, and a face that made him irresistable to the ladies. He was of a tall but fit and healthy build. He travelled everywhere with his partner Pokemon, Sandslash, which stayed out of his Poke Ball and travelled alongside him. The two of them had decided to take up the Pokemon League challenge in Sinnoh.
Together, they lived a happy life, with not a care for the world.
It was one day when they were travelling towards Floaroma Town that everything began to change.
That day, the sun was shining, the Starly were singing - albeit very annoyingly - and Tyson had just
:iconvalefor035:valefor035 19 11
The Eon Bird
The Eon Bird
It was a bright sunny day in Westlake, California.  Not a cloud in the sky was to be seen.  Cars streamed along the busy road running parallel to the shopping center where I purchased a certain unusual creature.
I’m Clayton Grant, and those who know me say I’m unusual.  That is true—I do act rather silly in school, but in truth, I’m just your average high-school junior.  I get decent grades and I have a few good friends.  I’m fairly smart and athletic, but I don’t play sports save for fencing.  But, I’d never had a pet of my own, until that fateful day... let me take you back to that day, that day when all changed for me.
“Mom, why can’t I have a monitor lizard?” I asked.  That was the day when I went to the pet store.
“I’ve already told you, Clayton—they eat mice, and there is NO way I’m going to feed it mice!”  This wa
:iconartviewa:artviewa 21 8
The Lizard Plush
This story is about two brothers: Kyle and Jack.
Jack is the youngest one...twelve years old, short, brown hairs, deep blue eyes. He is a honest and gentle person, who likes to help people, and make them happy. But despite this attitude...he doesn't have any friends. He spent his days locked in his rooms, sadly hugging his plush lizard...maybe the closest thing to a friend he had.
Kyle was the oldest one...eighteen years old, tall, muscled, green eyes, always wearing black clothes. He is the exact opposite of Jack. He was, without a doubt, one of the most irritating and unfriendly human beings on the face of Earth. He didn't like his family...and he didn't like his brother. All Jack wanted was Kyle to be his friend...but all Kyle did was pushing him away, and calling him an annoying brat.
Their parents tried to convince Kyle to be more gently...but there was nothing they could do to change him. It was his nature...being an arrogant person was Kyle's way to live. He had a lot of friends
:iconben300:ben300 103 58
Timetale - Chapter 02 - Page 70-74 by AllesiaTheHedge Timetale - Chapter 02 - Page 70-74 :iconallesiathehedge:AllesiaTheHedge 288 77


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