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Bagbean- Facts From The Web #1 by MiniDragonfly Bagbean- Facts From The Web #1 :iconminidragonfly:MiniDragonfly 14 16
Transforming Accessories (Dartix and Torracat TF)
A collaborative work between Maurili and Frozen-Doopliss
Two trainers, named Zach and Derek, were in the Pokemon Contest Hall, searching for clothing to match their Pokemon.
"This is proving a lot more difficult than I anticipated." Zach sighed. "Why don't there appear to be any clothes or accessories matching Dartrix? It's not as if they spontaneously came into being just this year..."
Derek seemed to be having troubles as well. "There's nothing here that would match with my Torracat either."
"Well, I guess we could try to make our own stuff." Zach shrugged, stepping out of the hall.
As the two went outside, they saw a number of small booths set up outside, taking advantage of the large crowd the contests always drew in order to sell all kinds of wares.
As the two trainers walked through the crowds, Zach noticed a booth that claimed to have "Accessories to make any trainer a perfect match to any and every Pokemon." It seemed far too small to have as much as it claimed, but Zach
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 4 1
Fated to Change 1
Fate is ever-changing; ever-fluid. The winds of change live in a state of constant flux, and at any time, what is constant, may one day change. The results of these changes can range from simple trivialities, to effects that could change an entire nation...
"Hear me, Anankos! Grant me your divine power, so that I may lay waste to my foes!" A familiar cry rang through the halls of Nohr, though its speaker was of an entirely different form. Zola, mage and master of illusion, spread his arms wide with a grin, here having taken the role of the king, Garon.
In another realm, Nohr's ruler would have been the one to commune with the dark force. But now... Now that gift was given to a different player.
The jester cackled as he felt raw energy seeping into his bones, his eyelids fluttering as his magical force exponentially increased. Yes, this was true strength; was raw power! He chuckled darkly and grinned from ear to ear, reveling in his newfound strength.
They had laughed at him; called him
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 29 9
Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke - Prologue by Mad-Revolution Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke - Prologue :iconmad-revolution:Mad-Revolution 95 19
A New Awakening Part 1
W-where did that come from?! There shouldn't be a nuclear power plant around for at least a hundred- I never got to finish my thought as the blast hit the us and I felt a pain that no being should ever feel, a pain that would kill a man a seemingly infinite number of times over. Nonetheless, I died in what turned out to be a nuclear missle misfire...
I knew not where I was or how long I was in darkness but I felt safe. The place I was in felt large at first and full of a strange liquid at first but eventually the liquid went away and I felt more and more cramped. In the beginning I could not remember who I was or what had happened before that fateful day but everything gradually came back in bits and pieces. Nothing seemed to matter about what had happened before, however, as I knew that as long as I stayed in here I would be protected. But I knew that I'd have to leave sometime.
I began to hear noises outside of my safe haven and it made me curious. I put my head next to the ro
:icontransmorphic-wyvern:Transmorphic-Wyvern 26 41
pokemon secret of evolving
The bright light of the world hit Jay in the eyes like a slap across the face, it was quick, painfull, and left a sting for a few seconds afterwards.
When he got up he knoticed everything at once, despite the fact he had no clue where he was, he was amazed at his surroundings, the sun was bright of course which explained the pain in his eyes, making them hurt when they finnaly opened up after being closed for so long, the sky was clear blue, not absalutiley clear, there were SOME clouds in the air, but not to many, enough for shade. Jay could sense things to, the he felt the medium green grass between his bare toes, the whistling from a distance away entering  his black floppy ears and staying in his brain forever, it was all so great and wonderfull, that it took him exactley five minutes and fiftey seconds to disscover that he was a Riolu.
At first Jay did what he always did when he had lost the plot, he panicked he ran around in circles (causing the once perfect green grass
:iconlolfourpointzero:lolfourpointzero 8 9
Twin Hearts - Chapter 3 - My Turn
My name is Noel Hill.
I'm a 14 year old student, living in the town Alto Verde, together with my family. I'm a twin, and my brother is Leon Hill. He's in the same grade as me.
We're pretty ordinary kids, except for one thing.
We can transform each other into Pokémon.
"...bro? Hey... bro?"
The Eevee that, just a few minutes ago, was my twin brother, was huddled up in a shaking ball, eyes moist with fear. He was curled up with his tail hiding most of his body, his ears flat against his head. He looked about ready to cry.
"Bro, snap out of it..."
His face was slightly red as his outburst was accompanied with annoyed 'vees'.
"Oh... I'm sorry, I just thought I'd comfort you, since you were so worried..." I sighed. "Besides, you really are very cute..."
He wiggled out of my grip and landed on the floor, then turned to face me.
A look of worry had dawned on both our faces. At that moment, his paw had lit up, just like my hand did a few minutes ago.
"W-wait... When my hand
:iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 9 20
Alola Shenanigans : Fairy Z-move by Velink Alola Shenanigans : Fairy Z-move :iconvelink:Velink 134 53
The Other Side of the Holiday Season
(An Aldous the Angry Wizard Story)
Tree TF, Toy Soldier TF
By grapehyacinth 
Aldous hated the holiday season. To this day, his daughter called him 'Scrooge', although she did understand his sentiments. It wasn't as if he did not like to celebrate, but in this day and age, things had grown so commercial, so out of proportion, it was incredible. When he was a young wizard's apprentice so many years ago, things had been so much simpler. There wasn't so much the holiday parties and the crazy-gift-giving like today. Even now, his wife was out, rushing through the crowds to get last-minute gifts for everyone from the garbage man to the neighbors five blocks away.
And, for the eightieth time or so, they had had their annual holiday fight, in which she begged him to join her in her gift-search. And every year he had declined. This year the fight had been es
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 21 13
Head-Cases: Two Flies Are Too Fly (Fly Headswap)
I heard the birds chirp outside a nearby window as I sat patiently in the waiting room of my local hypno-therapist. This wasn't any ordinary hypno-therapist though, but head-swap extraordinaire Dr. Head-Ape! This hypnotizing orangutan is one of the only characters that I trust! He's kind and polite, and will only transform or head-swap someone if they specifically ask for it. In a way, I kind of wish I was him! A talking orangutan with magical hypnotic head-swapping powers, what's not to like? Well, maybe the orangutan part isn't the best, but everything else sounded awesome!
As I sat waiting patiently, I heard my name called by the receptionist. I looked over at the receptionist to find that she had a gorilla's head in place of a human head! The woman looked normal otherwise. She wore a blue-colored business suit and had rather sizeable breasts. The gorilla-woman hybrid grunted and handed me a paper and pen, and motioned for me to sign it. The paper has less to do with my medical
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 7 33
ShiftSuits (Sketchy Shortie)
“I’ve got it!” Laney Garcia ran into the living room, her work coat covered in grime from this week’s latest endeavor.
“You’ve got what?” Robert looked up from his 3DS with a smile, clicking the lid closed. “That transforming tech you got that big grant for?” He chuckled as he looked at how excited his wife was, but he knew it couldn’t have been that. Transformation was impossible; physics and chemistry said as much!
“Yes!” Laney exclaimed, surprising him. “The secret wasn’t to use a potion or an injection; it was to use a costume! And better yet, that makes them reusable, shareable, and really easy to deactivate! Better yet, they’re totally a hundred percent safe!”
“Safe?” Robert arched an eyebrow. “How in the hell did you make it safe, let alone making it possible in the first place?” He paused, then added “Actually, don’t tell me how you made it possibl
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 42 4
A ShiftSuit Zoo: The Pitch (Sketchy Shortie)
Eric Barber took a deep breath to steady himself, collecting his thoughts. This was it, the big day. After eight months, he finally had the chance to make his dream a reality. He was going to open the world’s first transformative zoo.
ShiftSuits had made it all possible, a company which made costumes that could transform someone into the outfit’s shape, some science mumbo-jumbo that he didn’t quite understand. What he did understand, however, was that these costumes were perfectly in line with a dream he’d once had, where he owned a zoo populated with people instead of animals.
Eric smiled and stepped out past the curtain that divided him from his audience, grinning at them. “Hey everyone, who’s ready to make history?”
To his delight, there was a large crowd of people standing before him. It had to be at least twice as many people as had replied to the Friendbook RSVP, which was possibly a historical first. He grinned wider as they cheered, cla
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 24 6
Milking at TransFarms (Sketchy Shortie)
Cows graze idly on the prairie, tails swishing and flanks jiggling gently as they pad along the grass. They look just like any other animals, on any normal farm—but these animals were once human. I should know, I’m one of them.
Before you start getting worried, I guess I should clarify something: no, we’re not cursed; yes, we’re all here by choice. We’re at T. Farms, a lush and beautiful piece of property owned by TransFun. It’s a sort of a home-away-from-home for the transformation-minded.
In reality, I’m actually a very successful engineer by the name of George Hist, but right now I’m just a cow, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the way I spend all of my vacations now, as a large and plush female heifer who can sunbathe and sleep all day.
And yes, I know that male cows can do the same; I have a reason for being a woman. And that reason is walking up to our pasture right now, a grin on her face and a bucket in her hand
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 36 5
The Seal Substitution
The Seal Substitution
transformation story
Mark sighed. He was feeling... lonely. He'd never have admitted the fact to Mira, but he was missing the constant presence of his cheeky apprentice. Sure, they were still doing all the shows together, but in her free time, she was more and more preoccupied with this crazy business proposal she'd recently had. Today she'd excused herself at the last minute again, having to meet with a potential investor.
He snorted amused. Mira's startup was basically swimming in money, although he wasn't sure if that was due to the fact that her idea was really so appealing to the investors or that she'd only turn them back into humans after her 'demonstration' when they'd raise some money.
Well, the girl has learned only from the best... the magician thought amused while letting h
:iconclancy688:clancy688 38 12
A Real Animal House
(Group/multiple TFs)
by grapehyacinth
Max sat on his favorite bench by the lake. He was overwhelmed with the brand new experience of being a freshman in college, so he was doing what he did when life bothered him. He came out to the lake and was playing his trumpet.
Few people ever came this far into the woods off his Aunt Gena's house, and he was thankful for the solitude. College was so different than high school – in high school, he was the best musician, the science fair hero, an honors student, valedictorian – and in college, he was suddenly reduced to nothing.
When he considered pledging a fraternity, his Aunt Gena scoffed, “Oh, please, you're better than that, Max.” And he knew she was probably right, but he needed to fit in somewhere, to be accepted... Yet even in the pledge events, he could see he did not belong with the group of partying students. With them, he was ignored and unimportant, and no one seemed interested in
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 83 40
Arthropod Annex (A Fox Serum Story)
(TFs: Moth, cockroach, spider, scorpions, other insects)
By grapehyacinth
(next up in the Fox Serum universe after “Zoo Tour”)
Rick Stanis stood in a small amphitheater, glowering at the other volunteers for the latest Fox Serum 'experience'. Everyone appeared overexcited, their faces glowing at the prospect of living as a completely different being. The subjects chatted giddily, talking about the “Arthropod Annex” that they would soon be part of.
Rick hated how happy everyone was, but he managed to put a fake smile on his face. He could not show his animosity at all for fear of being disqualified from the group. Truly, he could care less about being transformed into an endangered species. There was really only one reason that he was here, and this reason stood across the room from him.
Julia Feder had been his fiancee until she had met up wi
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 27 27


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